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Russia +7 812 320 78 36
South Africa +27 21 850 0034
Estonia +372 5 825 1352
"The fruit derived
from labour is the
sweetest of pleasures"
Luc de Vauvanargues

What we are all about

Ocean South Fresh is a worldwide supplier of fresh produce. The company has expanded to cater to a growing demand and client base. The success it has enjoyed can be attributed to the caliber of its employees and the unique vision and forward-thinking strategy of its founders, their expertise coming from years of valuable industry experience.

The company has thus far exceeded the goals set for growth, developing into a multinational with a growing global market presence and three offices based in South Africa, Russia and Estonia. A stress on teamwork and superb communication allows our independent offices to function as a unit, with the same goals, priorities and driving force for the whole.

We place great emphasis on procedure and systems, all with the end goal of balancing the needs of our suppliers and customers and maintaining an uncompromising stance on integrity, honesty and quality. We aim to supply the superior quality to customers at the best price and on time, as well as promote the suppliers in the most profitable market for their product. Our long-standing and personal relationships with suppliers and customers provide the momentum behind our pursuit of excellence.