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Estonia +372 5 825 1352
"The fruit derived
from labour is the
sweetest of pleasures"
Luc de Vauvanargues

Where we operate


Our customer-centric office Ocean Fresh Russia, is located in St Petersburg. From here our team oversees a comprehensive range of services for trading partners worldwide. Produce is sourced from our reliable supplier base in the southern hemisphere and sold CIF based on programs or ex-cold store in St Petersburg.

This proficient team exemplifies dedication and integrity, a philosophy which has proven successful, as the office is growing year on year.

Eastern Europe and Central Independent States (CIS)

Based in Tallin Estonia, Ocean South introduces a new but experienced team who focus on trade with Eastern Europe and Central independent States (CIS). The company is also involved in global programs to retail directly in Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS.

Middle East

A Growing market for OSF. Growth in this market is mostly in The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Future development of this marketplace based on the same business philosophy that saw success in other markets will see steady growth for this area.