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Estonia +372 5 825 1352
"The fruit derived
from labour is the
sweetest of pleasures"
Luc de Vauvanargues

Our vision and mission

‘Committed, creating value and trust.’

In order to achieve our goals of excellence and satisfaction, we constantly assess our service and product delivery. We view our brand as the total experience that a client or supplier has with us and in order to ensure that this experience reflects the values that we hold, we continually monitor our performance.

Our focus is on meeting the clients’ expectations and delivering on our promises, with the ultimate goal of earning an industry-wide reputation for quality and fair dealing. We will always offer the superior value for the best price and will do our utmost to ensure that our clients return for business with us. Our aim is to make the experience of working with Ocean South Fresh as enjoyable and profitable as possible, all the while maintaining a constant dialogue with our partners in and outside the company.

To do this, we employ a strategy of hard work and excellent communication. We have also put in place our own quality-control measures to maintain a consistently high standard of produce.

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier to selected customers in the European, Russian and Middle Eastern fresh produce markets through a network of longstanding relationships with our suppliers and customers.